Where do I register?
Register online. Click the register button on the top right hand side of this screen. Register early to avoid disappointment.

My personal details have changed. How do I inform the organizer?
Email : bintantriathlon@metasport.com

I am unable to race due to illness/injury. Can I get a refund?
Once the registration form has been processed, there will be no fee refund for the participants who, for whatever reason, eventually do not take part.

Do I have to qualify to enter the event?
No, as long as you are fit, healthy, capable of completing the event and meet the age requirements, you can enter. For health advice click here.

When is the entry deadline?
Registration will be closed once the race reaches maximum capacity or on the final closing date, as mentioned on the registration page.

Can I transfer my entry to another athlete if I choose not to race?
Individual race entries are non-transferable. Any person doing so will be held responsible in case of an accident arising from or provoked by the other person during the race. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude both parties from future events.

Can I enter on race morning?
There are absolutely NO entries taken on race day! Registration will close once the race reaches maximum capacity or on the final closing date, as mentioned on the registration page.


What do I need to bring with me to the Race Kit Collection?
Please bring a copy of your registration confirmation, and a photo ID (passport or driver’s license) to the Race Kit Collection counter for verification and collection of your race kit and goodie bag.

Do I need to collect my race kit in person at Kit Collection or can I send somebody to collect it on my behalf?
Strictly NO COLLECTION on behalf of other athletes. You have to collect your kit in person. Relay team members must ALL collect the team kit in person and at the same time.

Is the race briefing compulsory?
Yes the video briefing is compulsory is compulsory to ALL athletes as important information will be included. Missing the video briefing leaves you at risk of missing vital information that may not be covered in the race booklet.

Where do I get my official Bintan Triathlon T-Shirt?
You will receive your t-shirt at race kit collection in your goodie bag.

Where do I get my timing chip?
Timing chips are included in the race kit and given out at race kit collection.

Where do I pin my race number?
You have to wear your race number on the back of your shirt during the cycle section and on the front of your shirt during the run section.

Where is the transition area?
The transition area is located near the Sea Sport Centre at the Nirwana Beach Club.

Is there an opportunity to practice the course before the event?
There are a few opportunities to practice the course.

At the Bike Recce on the Thursday before the race you will get a preview of the bike course.
At the Run Recce on the Friday morning before the race you can get a preview of the run course.
At the Race Prep Practice on the Friday before the race you can practice your transitions with help of our triathlon coaches.

Can I race with an MP3 or other music player?
At no time during the competition are headphones permitted, as stated in the rules and regulations. Participants wearing such items will be disqualified.

What are the age restrictions?
Participants racing in the Kid’s distance triathlon must be between 8 and 11 years old on 31 Dec 2018 to compete in the race.

Participants in the Youth Distance triathlon must be between 12 and 15 years old on 31 Dec 2018 to compete in the race.

Participants racing in the Sprint distance triathlon must be 16 years old and above on 31 Dec 2018 to compete in the race individually, and 14 years old and above to be part of a Sprint distance relay team.

Participants racing in the Olympic distance triathlon individually team must be 18 years old and above on 31 Dec 2018 to compete in the race, and 16 years old and above to be part of a Olympic distance relay team.

Participants racing in the Bintan Swim Classic 1000 must be 12 years old and above on 31 Dec 2018.

What is in my race kit?
Your race kit consists of:-

  • 1 x Swim Cap
  • 1 x Timing Chip (to be worn around your left ankle)
  • 1 x Safety Bracelet (to worn throughout race)
  • 2 x Race Bibs (to be worn on the back during the bike leg; and on the front during the run leg)
  • 1 x Bike Tag (pasted on the seat post)
  • 1 x Helmet Sticker (to be fixed on the front of your helmet)

What are the wave starts?
See the event time schedule.

What is the swim course like?
The Swim is held in the clear blue waters of an enclosed bay, off the picturesque beach of Nirwana Gardens.

What is the water condition like?
Water condition in May is very good with minimal swell, excellent visibility and a temperature of 29 °C.

What are the considerations for a swimmer who gets in trouble during the event?
Swimmers in difficulty shall signal by raising an arm to the escorting boats/canoes for assistance. Once assistance is rendered, the competitor is disqualified from the competition but allowed to complete the bike and run section.

Are wetsuits permitted?
No, wetsuits are not allowed. Regulation swim skins are permitted.

Are there any jelly fish in the swim?
This is hard to predict. We have had the occasional jelly fish in the course. We try to remove any jelly fish from the course beforehand.

In case you do get stung, be assured that the medical team is ready to treat any kind of jelly fish stings.

What can I do to prevent jelly fish stings?
There is no 100% remedy to getting stung. Covering your skin with lycra swim wear or using protective lotion (e.g. Safe Sea lotion) reduces the chance of jelly fish stings.


I’ve forgotten my bike helmet; can you provide me with one?
No unfortunately we do not have spare helmets. Note that you are not allowed to take part without a helmet.

I don’t have a bike. Can I still participate?
If you don’t have a bike on race day, you will not be able to race.

Who can enter the transition area?
Only participants wearing the safety bracelet are allowed to enter the transition area.

Where do I put my bike in the transition area?
All racks are labelled according to your number. At the start of the race and when you return from the bike section you must place your bike on your designated space in the transition area.

What if I do not dismount before entering cycle transition?
You will receive a time penalty from race officials.

When should I be checking in my bike before the race?
The transition area opens 1 hour before race start.

How long can I keep my bike in transition after my race is completed?
The transition area opens for bike collection once all participants have returned from the bike course and started their run. Bikes will be removed from the transition area 15 minutes after the last participant of your race has crossed the finish line.

Am I allowed to run in the transition area?

Will there be a mechanic on site for repairs?
Yes. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be bike mechanics at the venue to help with last minute repairs or tuning. However, please bring your bike in good condition and avoid any last minute stress.
Note: Small services are free of charge. For big repairs, assembly of bikes and packing of bikes in boxes, a charge will apply.

Do you have any tools or bike pump that I can borrow?
Our onsite bike mechanics will be able to assist you.

Is the event run on closed roads?
No, although the course is exceptionally quiet and well marshalled it is still open to public use. Please adhere to normal road rules.

Do I need an expensive bike to compete in the triathlon? Can I use my mountain bike?
No. You can use any type of bike that has two wheels, good brakes and free-wheel rear hub (i.e. no fixie). Just ensure your bike is in ie. Just ensure your bike is in road worthy road worthy condition. Our mechanics will be able to help you out with any last minute woes you may have.


Does someone keep track of the number of laps I do?
No, you must count your own laps. However the electronic timing mats will tell us of anyone who has missed any laps out after the race.

What are the cut-off times on the course?
The run course of the Sprint distance will be closed at 11.30am. Runners that have not finished the course by then will be sent straight to the finish line.

Runners of the Olympic distance are not allowed to start their first or second lap of the run course later than 17:30 hrs. (These runners will be disqualified, however they will have their times recorded and receive a finishers medal and certificate.)


What do I do with my timing chip when the race is over?
All chips will be collected at the finish line by race staff. Please return your chip to the information booth or race office if you do not start or finish your race.

What if I accidentally take my timing chip home with me?
Please email bintantriathlon@metasport.com for further instructions. Ensure that you return your timing chip to the Organiser within 2 weeks after the event date.
A charge of S$40 applies for any timing chip that has not been returned by that date.

Where and when are the medal presentations?
Medals are handed to every finisher at the finish line. A relay finisher will receive a medal for each team member.

Can relay teams cross the finish line together?
Yes! Please wait for your runner at the top of the finish chute and join him/her for the final stretch of glory to the finish line (and an amazing finish line team photo!)

What if I am a winner in one of the categories, and will not be attending the Awards Ceremony?
Please contact the organizer at the information booth or race office if you have won a trophy in one of the categories, and are not present at the Awards Ceremony.

Where can I find my results?
Official times will be posted at www.bintantriathlon.com within 24 hours

I have a protest/complaint/suggestion.
Please proceed to the information booth or race office within one hour after your race.


Where is the lost and found?
Lost and found items will be taken to the race office.

Where can I purchase personalised race photos?
Find your race photos at www.finisherpix.com

My results are incorrect or not showing!!
Please contact us at bintantriathlon@metasport.com and we will look into your results.

Who do I contact if I have feedback?
Please email us at bintantriathlon@metasport.com if you have any feedback or questions.